Designed for Davis

Riverwalk home designs consider Davis’ unique climate, recreation options, and today’s lifestyles.

Design Philosophies


At 3200 feet and near the Allegheny front, Davis is famous for volatile winters, snow and bluebird summer days. Insulation qualities, home orientation, windows, doors and roof assemblies are key factors for comfort, cost of ownership and low maintenance goals. Riverwalk back decks are oriented to the south; roofs are R50 foam, exteriors are robust materials such as metal and cement board, and systems are all high efficiency.


Riverwalk designs revolve around the central great room and kitchen, in open-plan style. The full width back deck with extensive glass is an extension of the great room, with outdoor fireplace, grill and hot tub awaiting. House entry areas are flanked with oversized mud room and laundry to support the many recreational options at your front door. Bathrooms are designed as quality experiences. And bedrooms often include their own en suite bathrooms.


Riverwalk designs are Victorian downtown styles from the street, but are focused on the views and mountain air out back.


Riverwalk homes were designed to minimize the need for the ongoing home maintenance associated with older materials and construction. Soffit depths, roof layouts, windows, house orientation, materials used in exposed locations, roofing assemblies, crawl space assemblies, heating and cooling systems, appliances, decking --- all of these were chosen with the goal of low maintenance. A related goal of house design was energy efficiency. We sought a house design that would be inexpensive to cool and heat while not compromising comfort.


Much of historic Davis was built rapidly during the late 1800s to accommodate the lumber mill that once was situated at the site of Davis Riverwalk. Homes were built mostly in a rustic Folk Victorian style, and businesses often were located in the flat or ‘false front’ style of western boomtown mainstreets. Riverwalk style is reminiscent of Victorian-era architecture, updated for a century of evolution in home construction and lifestyles.

Construction Details
Each house is customized based on standardized modules and options. Our homes are designed based on years of real estate experience and in-depth understanding of the region’s climate. Construction techniques and materials were selected to minimize recurring maintenance and utility bills. It is safe to say that much of the Canaan Valley and Davis home inventory would not meet inspection for WV Building Code compliance; why? Because our area has no code enforcement entities or inspections, builders or homeowners are often left to simply do what they feel is best. Riverwalk homes are independently inspected at each stage of construction and feature:
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