Why Davis

Our Industrial Heritage
The Davis Riverwalk tract is an industrial heritage site. During the late 1800s and early 1900s, the Davis Riverwalk parcel once held the Babcock Lumber Company’s Davis Mill and the West Virginia Railroad. If we could rewind 130 years we would see trains rolling in to be filled with lumber and smoke stacks billowing. We would smell leather being tanned nearby, and hear the whine of Babcock’s saw mill blades cutting spruce and hemlock. Today a Riverwalk home’s backyard view is the serene Blackwater river and the forests of Blackwater State Park, but in its timber days that prized view across the Blackwater would have been stump-covered hills peppered with sheds and warehouses.

Historical photos from West Virginia University

Ten Reasons to Choose Downtown Davis

  1. Conveniently located between Thomas and Canaan Valley with quick access to Route 48/Corridor H
  2. Visit during winter without AWD/4WD requirement
  3. Dine out without the need to drive
  4. Groceries and farmers market right in town
  5. Handy to cultural events, festivals and concerts of Thomas and Davis
  6. Rideski or hike from your front door into legendary trail systems
  7. The people you meet!
  8. Three ski resorts within 20 minutes
  9. Town water, sewer, internet, cable, electricity
  10. Immediate access for fire, EMS and police
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